Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  1. By paying your invoice or giving consent to proceed with work, you automatically agree with our terms and conditions as follows.
  2. If you send a message via Text/Whatsapp/Email/Messenger/Phone/Face to Face to confirm acceptance, you automatically agree to the following.
  3. All artwork supplied has to be copyright free or permission agreed for use. By supplying Viper with artwork, you agree that artwork is copyright free and / or permission is agreed.
  4. Viper do not check your artwork for spelling or grammar.
  5. All artwork that is digitally printed is matt laminated, not gloss, as standard.
  6. If you do not require artwork proof, but still confirm acceptable, Viper accepts no liability for artwork.
  7. Artwork setup is charged at £32 per hour.
  8. Fitting is charged at £45 per hour.
  9. When instructing Viper to fit signs, you must have in place any Planning permission.
  10. When instructing Viper to fit signs that involve Viper working on the public highway, paths, pedestrian areas, areas that need Council or Highways Agency permission to work on, permission has been applied for and accepted and permits are in place.
  11. Any traffic management that is required must be in place before Viper commences work.
  12. If Viper have agreed a deposit and balance upon completion and there is a delay on your behalf, the balance is still due on the original agreed completion date.
  13. If Viper have agreed a deposit and balance upon completion and there are unforeseen circumstances beyond Vipers control, the balance is still due on the original agreed completion date. An example would be that Viper remove old signage and the wood behind is all rotten, needing replacement. The delay and circumstances are beyond the control of Viper.
  14. Viper can not be responsible for colour matching, unless a colour matching services is requested and paid for. Colour matching starts from £89.
  15. You understand and agree that viewing any artwork on a LCD/LED screen will not be the same as printed materials. So when you look at our artwork on a computer screen, laptop, mobile phone etc, light illuminated pixels are not the same as ink! Small scale sample prints are available upon request and at extra cost.
  16. All customer artwork must be supplied in a CMYK format. Acceptable files are PDF, JPG, EPS only. All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines. All gradients and transparencies for best results should be converted to bitmaps or flattened images.
  17. Any artwork supplied in an incorrect format, Viper can not be held responsible for wrong colours, incorrect gradient fills, incorrect transparencies, missing fonts etc
  18. Any delays in completion, Viper will not accept any liability for direct or indirect losses or subsequent loses.
  19. In the unlikely event of a faulty or damaged item, Viper will replace or repair the item.
  20. Items can be only returned if they are faulty, a replacement will be issued, not a refund.
  21. Any sign writing on vehicles, the paintwork must be in good condition. The vehicle must be clean and free from polish and wax.
  22. If Viper carries out a job against Vipers recommendations, Viper will not accept any issues or problems related to work carried out against our recommendations. An example would be a vehicle requiring sign fitting in our workshop, yet customer insists it is done outside.
  23. If adverse weather prevents fitting on the day of install, Viper can not be held responsible for delays. Sometimes fitting will have to be organised at a later date. Adverse weather conditions can be: too hot for window graphics, too cold for window graphics, too windy for large signs etc. Generally when the temperature is below 10 degrees, most outdoor fitting jobs can incur delays, waiting for a break in the weather. When the temperature is below 6 degrees most outside fitting jobs will not go ahead. When the temperature is 3 degrees or lower, all outside fitting jobs will not go ahead. Cold weather usually has dampness in the air, this will cause poor adhesion. If there is too much dampness in the air, some jobs will not go ahead. Rain most often causes delays, working with power tools in the rain is not safe. If ladders or scaffolding are deemed not safe to use due to poor weather, this will cause delays. Viper will not put any member of staff at risk if fitting conditions are not safe. So to sum it all up, its British weather and Viper can not control the weather!
  24. Covid-19 additional terms and conditions. During this worldwide pandemic, Covid-19 can and already have affected delivery times and fitting dates. These are out of our control and commonly referred to as Force majeure. We accept no liability for any losses, direct or indirect, caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic.
  25. Vehicles left in our carpark are at your own risk. Viper are not responsible for any 3rd party damage or theft to vehicles. Viper can not always keep your your vehicle inside overnight. Please ensure and it is your responsibility, that your vehicle is suitably insured whilst left with Viper.
  26. Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) are available, starting at £49.
  27. Our vehicles are sometimes sign written. When we come to a job, staff wear uniform with Viper Branding.
  28. Digital Print banners can be + or – 2% difference in size. This is mostly due to ambient temperature, Cold will be smaller, hot will be bigger. This is due to the nature of PVC Banner Material.
  29. Vinyl Printing, Budget Vinyl will shrink over time due to how its manufactured. If you need a longer lasting product, budget vinyl is not suitable, you must upgrade to Polymeric Premium vinyl. So if you are after a cheap low cost job, you will only get Monomeric budget vinyl. As the expression “you get what you pay for” is true in this case.